Triple S provides Engineering, Design, and Drafting in Calgary & area for a variety of fabrication services. Our years of experience operating in Calgary have honed our skills, and we are well versed with the needs of companies in the Oil & Gas sector.

With in-house Quality Control and Safety program, Triple S is confident that each project is fabricated to the standards our customers have come accustomed to receiving.

Our team works jointly to make sure all the sections of a specific project are placed together and our product is delivered to our clients in a timely and professional manner. We take the utmost pride in the design and fabrication process, adhere to your requirements and ensure you have not only a quality product, but also the correct one.

Triple S Specialty Oil & Gas Manufacturing Ltd. has a total of 12,000 sq.feet of manufacturing and warehousing space. In addition we have two 10 ton capacity cranes and 2000 sq ft. of office space situated on 2 acres of land. Our manufacturing shop is located in the Shepard Industrial Park – Calgary’s newest industrial area with the best available services.

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Triple S Specialty Welding and Fabrication Ltd.

9515 Endeavor Drive

Calgary, Alberta

T3S 0A1

Telephone: 403-723-2393

Fax: 403-723-2394